Yaralla Sports Club is a leader in the provision of Gaming Entertainment to its members and their guests.

As a responsible member of the community the Club recognises its obligations in providing Gaming Entertainment that does not detract from the welfare of its patrons. In this regard the Club is committed to being a responsible provider of Gaming Services.

The Club recognises that a small proportion of patrons will be or will become problem gamblers. We strive to understand problem gambling and will seek to prevent abuse of Gaming Entertainment and to provide support for the treatment of gambling addiction.

The Club is committed to being a leader in our community in relation to problem gambling.

For most of us, gambling is simply an enjoyable recreational activity that we participate in as a social form of entertainment.

For some, however, gambling may become an addiction that can ruin their lives. For these few, the simple entertainment and social attraction of gambling may become a problem.

This compulsion to gamble can result in the person spending more on their gambling habit then they can afford, which may lead to the loss of money or assets, the indignity of having property repossessed or eviction from their homes.

Problem gambling may also result in the deterioration of personal and other relationships, the break-up of marriages and the loss of employment. Emotional stress can also lead to the deterioration of the person’s health.

For people with such problems, confidential and sympathetic help is available from a number of sources.

Where to Find Help


Lifeline: 13 11 14 or (07) 4922 7035 (rocklife@cqnet.com.au)

Self Exclusion: Patrons who are concerned about their inability to control their gambling habits are able to take immediate action. A confidential appointment can be made with a senior officer of the Club and arrangements for self-exclusion can be made at this time. At this same interview, the individual may be referred to an independent, professional counsellor for an initial assessment.

Individuals seeking further information about Self-Exclusion are able to make a confidential appointment with the Club’s Chief Operations Officer, Liz Carruthers, on (07) 4979 8270.

Never gamble with borrowed money.

Yaralla Sports Club encourages all its members and guests to set themselves a gambling limit and stick to it.

Problem Gambling Warning Signs

  • Family and friends of the individual find that money is regularly going ‘missing.’
  • Constant borrowing of funds and difficulty in repayment.
  • Dishonesty in relation to financial matters.
  • Unexplained absences from home or work.
  • A tendency toward selfishness and isolation.
  • Secretiveness with mail.
  • When confronted, denial of the problem and its consequences.
  • Boredom with normal everyday activities.
  • Severe mood swings – between elation and depression.
  • Increased alcohol consumption.
  • Unrealistic expectations.
  • Self deception – past problems are forgotten.