You have to be in it to win it!

Thursday & Friday
Tickets on sale: 5:30pm
Raffle Drawn: 6:30pm

Tickets on sale: 6:00pm
Raffle Drawn: 7:00pm

Tickets on sale: 4:00pm
Raffle Drawn: 5:00pm


  • Pizza & beer vouchers
  • Prawn
  • $10 Meat packs
  • T-Bone packs
  • 5 x Christmas hams


  • Coles & Myer gift cards
  • $20 Bunnings gift cards
  • $20 Scratchies
  • Roast packs
  • 5 x Christmas hams


  • Hangover packs
  • BBQ packs
  • Wine packs
  • 10 x Christmas hams


  • 25 Hams

There will be no Meat Mania raffles on Wednesday 26th and Thursday 27th December.

Wednesday & Thursday

Tickets on sale: 12:00pm

Raffle Drawn: 12:30pm

Get $10 worth of free tickets into our Midday Meat Mania when you show your membership card at the gaming box from 12pm.

There are 15 meat trays to be won every Wednesday and Thursday from 12:30pm.